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We are an investment firm with a Managed Accounts program for private investors.


We use a proprietary Long/Short Discretionary Strategy that invests exclusively in S&P 500 Futures using technical analysis. 

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Our Managed Accounts

Autopilot Investing You Will Love

Independent Fund Custody

All funds are held in highly regulated financial institutions.

We only work with top-tier brokers and banks.

You open an investment account with a registered financial institution and sign an Investment Management Agreement (IMA) with us.  

Aligned Incentives Fees

Our Service Fees have low Management Fees.

Most of our fees are Success-based, so our incentives are aligned with your best interest.

If you don't receive profits from your investments, we won't charge you any Success Fees.

Transparency and Online Access

You can see the status of your investment account in real-time.

Review the trades being placed, history, balance, etc.

And make withdrawals, deposits, or terminate the IMA at any time.

Professionally Managed

Your capital will be constantly managed and monitored by an experienced asset manager.

No decision making or expertise is needed from you.


Solid Investment Principles

Our trading strategy is based on Price Action, with minimal use of indicators. We identify trends and react to what is happening in the market to obtain profits. Our targets are set using clearly identified market levels and every position has profit and loss levels set using strict risk management. Our long / short approach allows us to benefit from all movements in the market, independent of market direction.

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Instrument Specialization

Our strategy invests exclusively in E-mini S&P 500 futures, the most traded futures contract in the world, thus reducing liquidity risk. The market movements provided by this instrument provide ample and frequent opportunities to profit. We have specialized in this instrument for 10+ years, this laser focus has allowed us to gain above market returns over the years.

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Investing Done Well

We don't use algorithms, AI, or complicated automated systems to obtain our returns, our trading is discretionary. We use simple, time-tested, and proven investing principles to guide our strategy. Our strategy is rule-based and starts with a top-down investment approach to first identify which side of the market we want to be in, then, we apply our rules in a disciplined manner and only participate in the market if all our criteria are met. 

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Low Trading Frequency

We are very selective about our positions and reduce our market exposure as much as possible. On average, our strategy opens fewer than 4 positions per month, and there is never more than one open position. We follow strict risk management guidelines to limit market risk.


EFX Markets was founded in 2012 as one of the first Online Trading companies in Mexico. Soon after opening our doors and due to high market demand, we started our Managed Accounts program. Today, EFX Markets is an Asset Management-only firm, focused on delivering the best investment management experience to clients around the world. 


Our Team

Jaime Elizondo - Chief Investment Officer

With a background in Corporate Finance, Management Consulting, Entrepreneurship, Fintech, and an MBA from Babson College, Jaime has 10+ years of experience managing capital for clients successfully using Managed Accounts as an investment vehicle. 

He has evolved and perfected his investment thesis in Futures trading, simplifying his trading over the years, culminating in a basic strategy that is scalable, repeatable, and adaptable to changing market conditions. Over his many years of trading on behalf of clients, he has experienced several different market scenarios: near zero interest rates, high inflation, market downturns,  bull markets, global lockdown, etc. His experience has emphasized the importance of being nimble and taking a reactive approach to current market conditions instead of trying to predict future outcomes. 

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