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EFX Markets was founded in 2012 as the first Mexican-owned Online Trading company in Mexico. Our focus from the onset, was helping retail traders succeed with their trading and doing so in a safe environment using the latest trading platforms. We partnered with international, publicly traded, and highly regulated companies to provide our clients with international regulations coverage for their investments and security of funds.


Our company focused heavily on Financial and Trading education for our clients, providing both online and in-person trading education in our offices in Monterrey, Mexico through webinars and specialized courses to help our clients succeed. Our highly trained Account Managers provided personalized service to our customers, differentiating us from other online brokers.

EFX Markets was featured in several articles in the media and recognized as one of the pioneers of Online Trading for retail traders in Mexico. 





Soon after opening our doors, we noticed a gap in the market. We constantly received a large number of requests from customers asking for an alternative to self-trading.  Clients were eager to have a professional Money Manager manage their investments in a more traditional Asset Management manner. Soon after,  we started our Managed Accounts program. We selected Managed Accounts as an investment vehicle, because it had a simple setup and provided full transparency and control to clients.



Due to the success of our Managed Accounts program, EFX Markets has transitioned to an Asset Management-only firm, focused on delivering the best investment management experience to clients around the world. We continue to offer our Managed Accounts with a 10 year track record of success. 




Chief Investment Officer

With a background in Corporate Finance, Management Consulting, Entrepreneurship, Fintech, and an MBA from Babson College, Jaime has 10+ years of experience managing capital for clients successfully using Managed Accounts as an investment vehicle. ​


He has evolved and perfected his investment thesis in Futures trading, simplifying his trading over the years, culminating in a basic strategy that is scalable, repeatable, and adaptable to changing market conditions. Over his many years of trading on behalf of clients, he has experienced several different market scenarios: near zero interest rates, high inflation, market downturns,  bull markets, global lockdown, etc.


His experience has emphasized the importance of being nimble and taking a reactive approach to current market conditions instead of trying to predict future outcomes.

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